Today’s writing prompt was to create a poem inspired by our current WIP. The dark fantasy I am weaving spans two timelines…one from Ancient Egypt and the other from Wales of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The poem is from the Ancient Egyptian timeline. In that timeline, there is an immortal goddess named Nitocris. She is a weaver of death magic and her soldiers are named Viperidae. Her soldiers make blood sacrifices to her over time. Eventually, the High Priestess Kemat will accept their blood sacrifice as being sufficient for them to gain the higher status of Wadjit. They complete the Ritual of Sacrifice and allow the goddess to consume them. They become immortal then, existing in an underworld controlled by Nitocris. She can give them corporeal form at will on the earthly plane of existence and they compose her ever growing Army of the Immortals.

Thiti, one of the Viperidae, and our poetess, has been involved in a love triangle. One of the people involved is a girl named Aurera. It is to this girl that she writes the poem, before heading off to make the ultimate sacrifice to her goddess.

I cannot live in this world where you are you
And I am not me.
I am not of your world.
Not of the world where sweet kisses and lovely looks mean anything but bondage and mortality.
So take back your tender lips and soft hips.
Take back the mounds of flesh from my mouth.
My eyes.
My knives.
My blood.
My womanhood and its fruits…
All belong to another.
And I go to serve a higher purpose.
I go to give–and take–eternity.

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