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I love stories of rebellion. Maybe it’s because I’m an American and I appreciate that my ancestors fought to make a new world for themselves. Maybe it’s because I love stories of pirates and fantastic voyages and adventures. Maybe it’s because I like to root for the underdog. Continue reading…


Inside this box
A life
Of false starts and shattered hopes Of empty promises
And loneliness so thick that cardboard edges weep with it Continue reading…


“Columbine. Columbine came along and changed things for me.” She sighed deeply before continuing, scared of having herself psychoanalyzed by her partner. She hated looking weak. “I was a senior that year. But after the shooting, I was more than just a senior. I was a survivor. Every breath I’ve ever had since April 20th of that year, well, I’ve had a moral duty, right? To make every. single. day. minute. second. count.” Continue reading…

Read Chapter 1 (Nitocris: She Who Dances in Blood) of my Novel in Progress,
“Immortal Witch.”

Not all those who wander are lost.


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Middle School Science Teacher.
Mother. Partner. Writer.

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