Throw it on the pile

Where does inspiration come from? It’s funny how a single line of something you hear can spark an idea for a story. For my first novel, I had been watching Colony, a sci-fi series with that blond-headed guy from Lost. You know which one I’m talking about.

At some point one character is asked if he can disappear into the city. He says something like, “I could live in your house for 6 months and you’d never know it.” I thought that was super creepy it and inspired me to start that book.

But my current work in progress is a dark fantasy that is barely an idea. So…I’m feeding it. It’s going to need lots of fodder.

Setting: I’m thinking 1500s Wales. But with magic. Of course. I think it is going to be really awesome writing about this time period…humankind is coming out of the middle ages and moving toward the Renaissance. I want to write about humanism waking up. And witches. And evil.

So needing fodder means I get to read A LOT. And watch some stuff to. And all in the name of research.

What am I reading right now? The Witching Hour by Anne Rice.

I haven’t read anything by her in years! I had forgotten how wonderful of a story teller she is. While this book is definitely not set in the time period I want to cover, it IS about witches. Score! So glad that I picked this up.

I am also reading Bad People by Craig Wallwork. It is not about witches nor Wales, but I have read that it is very dark. And I want to create a witch that is truly sadistic, murderous, and evil. Fear and pestilence wrapped up in a hag that will give you nightmares for days. I have some ideas for that already, of course. But the brain needs to be fed. It is a creul taskmaster.

Okay, but right now…right now I’m going to go watch Outlaw King. It’s pretty close to the setting of my WIP. Is there anything else I should be watching? Reading? Listening to?

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