Amunet’s Vision

Amunet doesn’t feel hungry nor tired. Even though she has been up all night, and hasn’t eaten for about twelve hours, she feels invigorated, full of love, kinship, and purpose. She kneels upon a woven straw mat on the clay floor of her small room, the dimensions not much larger than the length and widthContinue reading “Amunet’s Vision”

The Child Necromancer

Chapter 5: The Child NecromancerWales Willow was two years old the first time she had exhibited magical powers. Thankfully, she and Carys had been in the woods alone, she foraging and Willow confined to a circle of safety. Carys had always made it a habit to keep her daughters as close to her as possible,Continue reading “The Child Necromancer”


Today’s writing prompt was to create a poem inspired by our current WIP. The dark fantasy I am weaving spans two timelines…one from Ancient Egypt and the other from Wales of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The poem is from the Ancient Egyptian timeline. In that timeline, there is an immortal goddess named Nitocris. SheContinue reading “Eternity”

Newbie Author Challenge: Theme of WIP

My setting is in the early 1500s, when the world is moving from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance. I want to capture the horrors of that time but also the hope for the future. My main protagonist is growing up in this world and she has a lot to learn about who she isContinue reading “Newbie Author Challenge: Theme of WIP”