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In Sweden: https://www.akademibokhandeln.se/sok/?sokfraga=while+sleeping+jennifer+claywood eller https://www.bokus.com/bok/9781912964697/while-sleeping/ In the US: https://smile.amazon.com/While-Sleeping-Jennifer-Claywood-ebook/dp/B094NM63BR/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=while+sleeping+jennifer+claywood&qid=1620985645&sr=8-2 In the EU: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Jennifer-Claywood-ebook/dp/B094NM63BR/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=while+sleeping+jennifer+claywood&qid=1620985730&sr=8-1 In the UK: https://www.cranthorpemillner.com/product/jennifer-claywood-while-sleeping/

Survivors Have Teeth

He came to in complete darkness, unable to piece together what had happened. He remembered stopping for the pretty piece of ass with the smoking car on the side of the road. She was a little old for his taste, but he fell for denim shorts with high heels every time. Her bright red button-downContinue reading “Survivors Have Teeth”

Catching up with the Newbie Author Challenge!

I finished writing my first novel, While Sleeping, in 2019. It is a thriller that includes art it its many forms, female friendship and empowerment, a hidden room with an unknown occupant, horrendous crimes of rape and sex trafficking, and a serial killer. While not a police procedural, the law enforcement officers engaged with theContinue reading “Catching up with the Newbie Author Challenge!”

Throw it on the pile

Where does inspiration come from? It’s funny how a single line of something you hear can spark an idea for a story. For my first novel, I had been watching Colony, a sci-fi series with that blond-headed guy from Lost. You know which one I’m talking about. At some point one character is asked ifContinue reading “Throw it on the pile”


Privilege It seems wrong to lie safeIn the middle of the nightIn a bed far awayFrom the violenceIn a skin far awayFrom the… It seems wrong to use these white fingersIn the middle of the nightIn a bed far awayFrom the violenceTo like your wordsShare your wordsShow your skinFar away from the… Far away fromContinue reading “Privilege”

Inside this Box

Inside this boxA lifeOf false starts and shattered hopes Of empty promises And loneliness so thick that cardboard edges weep with it So close to a fulfilled dreamDo you even want it anymore Do you wantAnything Not the cold want of consumerismBut the want of lifeOf greenness exploding from soft earthOf human feet on distantContinue reading “Inside this Box”

Distance and Time

I have never been fond of rhyming poems and creating them, but I suppose we all have to branch out of our comfort zones every now and again. Distance and Time Time stretches out in endless possibility, the distance between us internalized within me.Between here and there, promises and sighs. And the fear that sweetContinue reading “Distance and Time”