Bookstagram Tour for While Sleeping

You have until April 5th to sign up for my Book Tour! Follow this link to sign up. If you would like to host a blog tour for While Sleeping by Jennifer Claywood, sign up here! Tour dates: 24th -18th May 2021Sign-ups close Monday 5th April 2021 Requirements:• Post 2-3 photos of While Sleeping withinContinue reading “Bookstagram Tour for While Sleeping”

Broken People

It’s interesting to live in times where the young are so quick to label themselves with various mental illnesses, disorders, or generalized anxieties. (Perhaps they have diagnoses as well that they’re also open about.) And every other week is “awareness” week for something or other. (Geez, I feel old writing that sentence.) I’m not sureContinue reading “Broken People”

Survivors Have Teeth

He came to in complete darkness, unable to piece together what had happened. He remembered stopping for the pretty piece of ass with the smoking car on the side of the road. She was a little old for his taste, but he fell for denim shorts with high heels every time. Her bright red button-downContinue reading “Survivors Have Teeth”