Chapman might get his sequel

While Sleeping is slated to come out in May, three short months from now. And although I have been engrossed in the fantasy series of Immortal Witch, I felt inspired to start writing a sequel this morning. I’ve known for quite sometime where I want to go with the sequel, and the kick-ass character I’ve been thinking about found her voice today. She wants to tell me about her childhood. About how and why she became a killer.

Go ahead, Ava. I’m listening.

Published by JenniferClaywood

An American expat living in Sweden. I teach middle school science, have four amazing children, the best partner anyone could ask for, and not enough dogs. The dog we do have at the moment, a beautiful mutt of pointer, husky, and border collie, is one of the sweetest creatures to grace this planet. I am busy trying to get better at teaching and writing.

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