Distance and Time

Photo by Nanzui Palomino on Pexels.com

I have never been fond of rhyming poems and creating them, but I suppose we all have to branch out of our comfort zones every now and again.

Distance and Time

Time stretches out in endless possibility,
the distance between us internalized within me.
Between here and there, promises and sighs.
And the fear that sweet whispers are naught but lies.

Imagined hellos. Imagined goodbyes.
Imagined children, with deep, blue eyes.
Longing and aching to have you near,to be one of the things that you hold dear.

Time stretches out in endless possibility,the distance between us, internalized within me.
I am a fool, a dreamer, a maybe lover.
As I sit here alone in quiet wonder
at what it would feel like to be more than a friend.
And share in your every beginning and end.

Published by JenniferClaywood

An American expat living in Sweden. I teach middle school science, have four amazing children, the best partner anyone could ask for, and not enough dogs. The dog we do have at the moment, a beautiful mutt of pointer, husky, and border collie, is one of the sweetest creatures to grace this planet. I am busy trying to get better at teaching and writing.

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