Brutal zombie scene

Photo by Matthias Zomer on

Trigger warnings: rape and violence

This is from a book that I started previously. Perhaps one day I’ll finish it. 🙂

I came across a horrifying video earlier. The camera pans in on a group of men in a circle, all armed to the teeth. They are laughing, patting each other on the backs, guffawing, and carrying on as men will often do. The cameraman spins the recorder around on himself and I see that he is a boy, not much older than George, wearing a sloppy grin with a glimmer of mirth in his eyes. “We caught one alive!!! I’m going to get a recording of it now.” The camera draws closer to the crowd of men and they open up and then envelop him into the group. On the ground is a well-endowed female zombie, naked from the waist up, arms and legs chained spread eagled to four different posts in the ground. She is mewling and gnashing her teeth, a gruesome sound. I don’t even have to see what comes next to feel a wave of horror and grief wash over me. Before I even realize that I am crying I taste tears on my tongue.

                “James, why don’t you put down that there video recorder and get yourself a piece of this sweet ass.” The crowd erupts in harsh laughter.

                “I’ll tape it for you and you can even jack off to it later!” James scans the zombie with his camera from head to toe, taking an especially long time with her breasts. “Of course, nothing’s stopping you from jacking off to that video without fucking her…make sure you get a close up of her pretty face.” The camera moves to what is left of her face. Anguish, terror, hunger…is there pain there? This woman was once someone’s sister or daughter, a mother or friend. Someone once held her tight to their chest, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true then hers is blacker than midnight. No one is whispering to her now.

                “Aw shit, Joe.  I ain’t taken no chance on getting what she’s got,” James said.

                “Why not? You took a chance on what them pigs in the barn are carrying didn’t you?” The laughter of the crowd is subdued. This is a joke they’ve heard before in one form or another.

                “Oh shut up Chris, you know I ain’t never fucked a pig. Why would I fuck a pig when I could fuck your momma?”              

                 A playful fistfight erupts between the teens and an inadvertent kick lands on the zombie’s face. It doesn’t take long before everyone is taking their turn at kicking the chained zombie. They start with her lower extremities, busting her kneecaps, mauling her side and mutilating her breasts.  They end with her face, each taking a turn to press their boot heels into her sinking flesh. Her breathless moaning does not cease until they crush her windpipe. The young boy, James, turns the camera on himself again. “And that’s how it’s done here in good ol’ Virginia boys and girls.” I realize it’s not mirth in his eyes, but sickness. He has an infection of another kind and his is just as contagious.

                My family and I will become killers. We will battle daily for survival. But I will fight with every breath left in me to ensure that my sons will never become like these men. This is a video I will not show my sons. I will not expose them to more monsters, not today. 

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