About Me

I’m forty-something. Don’t ask me to do the math because I’m not about that life. Science, yes. Math? Noooooo.

I’m coming to terms with my identity as a writer. An author. So far, so good. I’ve got a book. One book. But baby, there are more coming. And maybe they are complete and utter trash, but who cares? We’ve got one life to live, so start doing whatever it is you want to do.

If you’re here and you’re reading this, have a seat and get comfy. Get a blanket. Put it over your body. And your head. Did I mention that you’re going to need a flashlight? Bring spare batteries. Just in case.

I’ve never enjoyed talking about myself. Never enjoyed rehashing the terrible cruelties of my life that make people oh so uncomfortable. But sometimes I do. Sometimes I need to feel a sense of justification, almost like I’m confessing to a priest right before death, some kind of justification for the way I make you uncomfortable. The reasons why.

But maybe if I put it in a book, and it’s not me. It’s not something that is about me, but about one of my characters…well NOW we have a story I want to tell.

So let’s do this. Let’s figure out what our “brand” (ECLECTIC AS ALL HELL) is.

#zerotohero #writinglife #iwroteathrilleryo #thrillerlife #books #booklife #bookish

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