Racism in the good ol’ USA

I’m outside right now. I had to get out of the house…I had to find a sunny spot with the bright blue sky and the sounds of birds. And life. But I can’t stop watching the videos. It doesn’t matter if I have social media pulled up or not. My head is full of it.Continue reading “Racism in the good ol’ USA”


Privilege It seems wrong to lie safeIn the middle of the nightIn a bed far awayFrom the violenceIn a skin far awayFrom the… It seems wrong to use these white fingersIn the middle of the nightIn a bed far awayFrom the violenceTo like your wordsShare your wordsShow your skinFar away from the… Far away fromContinue reading “Privilege”

Inside this Box

Inside this boxA lifeOf false starts and shattered hopes Of empty promises And loneliness so thick that cardboard edges weep with it So close to a fulfilled dreamDo you even want it anymore Do you wantAnything Not the cold want of consumerismBut the want of lifeOf greenness exploding from soft earthOf human feet on distantContinue reading “Inside this Box”

Distance and Time

I have never been fond of rhyming poems and creating them, but I suppose we all have to branch out of our comfort zones every now and again. Distance and Time Time stretches out in endless possibility, the distance between us internalized within me.Between here and there, promises and sighs. And the fear that sweetContinue reading “Distance and Time”


I wrote this for my husband on November 30, 2014, back when we were involved in a long-distance relationship.But my mom thought it could apply to my brother, who died when I was a girl. Plenum The spaces between atomsBetween placesWhere you and I have never metThe spaces created just for youWith memories of timesContinue reading “Plenum”

Brutal zombie scene

Trigger warnings: rape and violence This is from a book that I started previously. Perhaps one day I’ll finish it. 🙂 I came across a horrifying video earlier. The camera pans in on a group of men in a circle, all armed to the teeth. They are laughing, patting each other on the backs, guffawing,Continue reading “Brutal zombie scene”